home in the fall

8 quick ideas for cozying up your home in the fall

Looking to cozy up your home in the fall? Check out some ideas for making your home feel more like home. From simple things like adding a rug or changing the light fixtures to adding a cozy mantle or fire, these tweaks can help make your home feel more inviting and inviting you in.

1 Update your home perfume

Fall is a time when you want to sleep more and do less. To boost your energy and vigor, use the right perfumes for your home. You don’t have to buy the typical vanilla. For example, you can try the fragrance of citrus instead. It’s invigorating, uplifting and reduces anxiety – and in general it’s a great cure for moping. Another good scent for the fall season is jasmine. It calms and tones at the same time and adjusts to productive activity. And finally, a universal option – the needles. This smell associates with the autumn forest, and also with the New Year, which is not far off. 

2 Get rid of old stuff

To avoid the fall gloom in your interior, get rid of all your outdated furniture and other unnecessary shabby stuff that has often been around for years. Stands for old CDs and CDs themselves, unwanted crockery, dusty decor, old carpet – all these things increase the dreary feeling and make the space unaesthetic. Do some cluttering, replace old things with new ones, or just leave more space in the rooms.

home in the fall

3 Or update them

Adding authentic vintage to your interior is a trend that’s been around for a few seasons now. So if you have a favorite dresser or a pair of Viennese chairs that warm your heart, you can update them and fit them quite naturally into your living space. Sometimes you just need to cover the wood with a new coat of varnish or repaint it in a bright color and a stylish accent is ready. Vintage items, if they look presentable, can add a special coziness to a space, which is so lacking in the gloomy autumn season. 

4 Add light

The main thing your apartment lacks in the fall is sunlight. You can work on both natural light from the windows and artificial lighting in the interior. In order to get more sunlight from the street, maximally free the window from unnecessary things on the window sill and wash the windows. Perhaps you should part with some of the textiles or replace the thick curtains with light tulle. To the artificial lighting you can add a beautiful floor lamp, bright bedside sconces or floor lamps. This move will help and transform the space as a whole, filling it with light, and add bright accents to the interior, if the fixtures will have an interesting shape or an unusual shade.

5 Use bold colors

In autumn, you especially want fullness and depth in the interior, which means it’s time for saturated shades. This could be a catchy combination of ochre and blue in the decor, spot use of black (for example, in fittings, small painted areas of the wall or furniture), berry color in textiles or accessories. But remember: to make the space not look cramped and dull, deep saturated shades need to be complemented by good lighting.

6 Move a mirror or add a new one

Mirrors not only double the amount of light that is sorely lacking in the fall, but they also help you look at a room differently. You just need to move or re-hang a mirror from one wall to the other for the interior to play in a new way. A new reflection will bring your usual furnishings to life. And if you want to add more natural light, put the mirror in front of the window.

7 Get a houseplant

Freshen up the interior a bit with greenery by putting one or more new plants in the room. Of course, the bigger the flower, the brighter the effect. Palms, monsters or a large ficus in a floor frame will do the job perfectly. But quite suitable and compact aloe, and even miniature violets. In order not to spend a lot of effort on caring for the plant in the fall, choose unpretentious varieties. Those that don’t require intense light (the same ficus or monster) will do especially well.

8 Decorate tables with seasonal fruits

Of the seasonal fruits, apples and citrus fruits are the most popular in the fall. They’re great for tabletop decorations because they also feel good at room temperature. Place apples on a pretty tray and garnish with dried spikes or bright maple leaves. And lemons and oranges can be placed in a tall glass vase. Such a composition is suitable for decorating as well as for scenting the room. 

Author: Ramon Powell