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How to decorate your home for New Year’s eve 2023

Every family has its own traditions of decorating the house or apartment for the New Year holidays. But it is always useful to diversify a little favorite set of decorations: for example, you can do it by adding thematic elements, choosing a single style or using certain colors. In this article, we will tell you what the symbol 2023 likes and how to decorate rooms for the New Year to please him.

How to decorate your house for the New Year 2023

The patron of the coming year is the Black Water Rabbit, which appears on the eastern calendar only once every sixty years! Despite its dark color, astrologers are sure that it bodes well.

To understand how the next twelve months will go, it is enough to imagine the character of this animal: calm, friendly, gentle disposition and tenderness. In 2023, no major upheavals are expected, but relations with loved ones should improve. If there were conflicts, they will be resolved. If not, family ties will become even stronger.

For Rabbit, relatives, close circle, and offspring are very important. That is why the house will be a focal point, and it is very important to pay special attention to decoration of the house for the New Year. In order to have good luck in 2023, you need to take into account the preferences of the furry symbol.

Thus, the Black Rabbit likes:

  • Wood – add to the environment as much as possible wooden furniture and decor.
  • Green – decorate your room with wreaths, flower and pine arrangements, potted plants.
  • Cozy – use all kinds of textiles from soft, pleasant to the touch fabrics (carpets, plaids, pillows, tablecloths, winter sets of curtains).
  • Calm colors – avoid glaringly bright shades of red, green, blue, and too much unnatural glitter. Give preference to decorations in shades of beige, gray, black, brown. If you want to use saturated shades, choose noble natural variations. White will also be appropriate.
  • Family-ness – prepare together with children handicrafts from paper or clay and decorate the table with them, hang drawings, handmade garlands, common photos on the walls. Beautifully decorate the corner with gifts and wishes, hang glass balls on the Christmas tree, passed down from generation to generation.

But animalistic prints and images of other animals, especially predators, the timid Rabbit does not like. It is better to give up these decorations, and if you have in the living room, for example, lies a rug in the form of a skin, at the time of the holiday, you can replace it with a more neutral version. And, of course, use in the decoration any figures and drawings of the symbol itself: it can be Christmas toys, prints on napkins or decorative pillowcases, dolls, ceramic figurines, drawing on tableware. If you want to decorate the nursery or living room with a themed stuffed toy, choose small and elegant things, rather than cheap synthetic products of acid colors. Remember: Rabbit likes everything natural!

Choosing the style of New Year interior-2023

When we decorate the house for the New Year with our own hands, it is important that the interior looks coherent. So it’s better not to just store around or do all the decorations by master-classes, but choose the same style and stick to it. This is not only looks better aesthetically, but it will help you not to get lost in the variety of holiday decor.


Ecostyle is definitely the most trendy this season: it meets the general trends in design and decorating, and yes Rabbit is directly related to nature. The direction does not have clear visual markers, like, for example, classic or loft. It is rather a set of certain principles that should be adhered to when selecting decorations for the house or apartment.

Features of holiday decor in the style of eco:

Minimize plastic, disposable packaging, and planet-damaging trash. Replace rain and tinsel with paper garlands and dried berry or fruit spreads.

A natural Christmas tree, of course, looks beautiful and smells great. But if you do not support deforestation, you can replace it with a full-sized or compact artificial version. In addition, this is more practical and economical – a fake tree will last for many years. If you still want to bring a live spruce into the house, buy one that is specially bred for sale.

Use whatever nature has to offer: dry twigs, fruit peels, cones, dried berries, tree bark, and acorns left over from the fall. This is a great excuse to combine business with pleasure: to go to the country or take a walk with your family in the park, and then from the collected material to do something with your own hands for the New Year’s interior.

Instead of plastic, choose environmentally friendly materials: wood, plywood, clay, stone, paper. And replace synthetic fabrics with natural or high quality blended fabrics.

If you want to decorate your home with garlands or luminous figures, choose energy-saving models.


If you value home comfort and prefer to spend the winter holidays with your extended family, you can take on the English classics. It combines perfectly with the symbol of the next year and will appeal to those for whom minimalism or Scandi seem too restrained styles for the New Year’s theme. To recreate the spirit of Christmas in the English style at home, just think of the atmosphere of “Harry Potter” or any other themed movie that takes place in Britain.

English classics are characterized by:

  • Subdued colors – brown, beige, gray, dark green, burgundy.
  • Cage, stripes, flowers and other traditional ornaments.
  • Natural materials, vintage furniture and decor.
  • A variety of textiles.

This style will look especially organic in a country house, where there is a fireplace. It will become the focal point of the whole composition: you can hang socks for gifts on it, put a wreath and decorative compositions, candles, small gift boxes for entourage on the portal. In a city apartment, a dressed up Christmas tree in the living room will be enough. Do not forget to beautifully set the table for family gatherings. And among the options on how to decorate the door for the New Year, of course, the traditional wreath leads the way. It can be hung both on the inside and on the outside of the doorway.

New Year decoration of the house in the style of minimalism

The festive decoration of the house does not necessarily have to be motley and numerous. Even a few atmospheric decorations are enough to create a cozy Christmas mood.

Minimalist decor includes:

  • Laconic decorations in simple shapes.
  • Accessories in calm colors, often in monochrome.
  • A Christmas tree with few or no toys.
  • Organic textiles.
  • Garlands with soft light, close to natural light (no neon lighting).

Ideas for different rooms

Consider options for holiday decor for different rooms.

Living Room

The living room is the main room in the house. All relatives and friends gather here, exchange gifts, watch Christmas movies and have a feast on December 31. There can be a lot of decor in the hall, because it is he who creates the atmosphere of the holiday.

Tips for decorating the living room:

  • The focal point is the Christmas tree. The ornate tree should immediately attract the eye, so place it in plain sight. If the room is large, put a Christmas tree right in the center. If there is not much space, or the room is elongated, you can put it in a corner. It is best if it is in front of the entrance. 
  • Before you decorate the Christmas tree with garland and toys, choose a specific style: for example, they can be wooden, retro or themed for the coming year. Stick to 2-3 colors, and minimalists can use a monochrome palette – it looks very stylish. Do not forget to decorate the base of the tree, especially if it is ugly, and organize an area with gifts nearby.
  • The soft group can be made even more cozy with the help of themed textiles, scented candles and decorative compositions on the coffee table.
  • If the living room has a fireplace or dresser, decorate these surfaces with small wreaths, garlands or New Year figurines.
  • Do not forget to decorate the windows for the New Year: glue applications on the windows, put ornaments, lanterns or large luminous stars in the Scandinavian style on the windowsills.
New Year

How to decorate the kitchen for the New Year 

In the kitchen in general it is not accepted to use a lot of decorations, because it is a specific room, which is inherent in high humidity, temperature differences, dirtiness.

But adding themed decorations is possible and even necessary. The main thing is to take into account the characteristics of different zones. For example, you should not hang spruce twigs from the nearby forest, or plastic figures above the stove, and wooden decorations – next to the sink, around which it is always wet. Also remember about domestic convenience: it is better not to arrange figures and wreaths on the tabletop, where you cook, so that they do not interfere with the process.

But the windows, the door, and the dining area can be decorated properly. Use:

  • Holiday-themed tablecloths and napkins.
  • Bouquets of branches and berries in beautiful vases.
  • Appropriate tableware.
  • Vases, baskets or jars of ginger cookies and other sweets.
  • Candles for the table in tall candle holders.
  • Garlands, spreads of dried fruit or paper figurines, etc.


The bedroom is primarily intended for rest, so there should not be too many decorations, especially bright ones.

A couple or three accessories that create a festive and relaxed atmosphere will be enough. For example, candles, bed linen and decorative textiles in the appropriate coloring, garland with soft lights. On the dressing table or windowsill you can put a mini Christmas tree or plant a beautiful toy bunny. If you do not know how to decorate the wall behind the headboard for the New Year, use themed banners, wreaths and applications. On a hanging shelf, you can place a mini garland or make a small composition.


Vestibule decoration during the festive period is especially important, as this area is the first thing that owners and guests see, and therefore already here the mood is formed.

The main element of the hallway is the door. A classic decoration for it is a wreath. It hangs both inside and outside. You can add a couple of bells or themed stickers. If there are shelves, a console or a dresser in the entrance area, put a couple of cute figures on them, a Christmas branch in a vase or beautifully arrange a traditional garland. Great look any crafts and decor from the forest: cones, twigs and other small things will create a connection between the interior and the nature outside, even within the framework of the city apartment.

Author: Ramon Powell