Christmas tree

How to decorate a Christmas tree in the year 2023 Rabbit

A coniferous tree is the main New Year decoration in any home. It creates a unique holiday energy, friends and family gather around it, there is an exchange of gifts. In this article we have gathered detailed recommendations on how to decorate a Christmas tree in 2023: what colors, styles, techniques to attract home good luck.

How to decorate the Christmas tree in 2023 Rabbit

The symbol of the coming year is the Black Water Rabbit. Despite its dark color, it is considered one hundred percent auspicious, as this fluffy animal in Eastern astrology refers to lucky signs. No major upheavals are expected in these twelve months, and the focus will be on personal and family feelings: loved ones will unite, conflicts (if there were any) will be resolved. This is a great year for starting a family, planning a child and taking care of both the younger and older generation. At the same time, the element of water is emotional and fickle, so you should be prepared for a dramatic change or an abrupt change of plans.

In order to attract good luck, you should make sure that the Rabbit likes your home. How to achieve this? Just imagine the image of the animal, its disposition and biological features and everything will become clear. Right:

  • The house should not have an abundance of animalistic prints, especially predators (leopard, tiger, etc.).
  • Everything natural, eco-friendly and man-made is welcome. These can be handmade garlands, Christmas tree toys, gifts.
  • The more greenery, the better! There should be live plants in the rooms, and on the table – salads and vegetables.
  • On the eve of the holiday, in no case should you quarrel. All conflicts should be put aside and focus on the good.
  • Figurines and images of a rabbit will like the symbol of the year.
  • Meanwhile, to celebrate alone, with friends in a restaurant or with loved ones at the home table, definitely choose the third option. The rabbit is a family animal, so it is best to meet him in the circle of family.

Now that the general principles are clear, let’s pay attention to the main Christmas decoration – the Christmas tree. Since it occupies a central place among the holiday decorations, it is important to decorate it correctly – and, of course, in style.

What colors to decorate the tree in 2023

Choosing what colors to decorate the tree in 2023, stick to the basic rule: no screaming bright acidic colors.

The rabbit is a modest animal, it does not like pretentiousness and excessive fancy. It is also important to consider the peculiarities of this year’s symbol: the black color and the water element. Proceeding from this, choose for the decoration of the Christmas tree:

  • Calm natural tones – beige, brown, gray, white, green.
  • Black – it should not be too much, so that the composition does not seem gloomy. But as a contrasting accent achromat is perfect, especially in combination with white and gray.
  • Any shades of blue and blue – the Water Rabbit will appreciate it.
  • Subdued orange and other “vegetable” colors.

Any other colors can be used, including the traditional red for the Christmas period. But since it is quite an aggressive shade, take it in a muted version and complement it with neutral tones. Gold, silver and shimmering jewelry are also suitable, but in moderation.

Christmas tree

What kind of tree to choose

Before you start decorating the Christmas tree for the New Year, you should first decide what kind of tree you want to see in your home. There are two main criteria for choosing.


The first and most important question: live or artificial spruce? This choice everyone makes himself, based on the pros and cons of each option and his preferences.

So, the main advantages of a real tree – an amazing aroma, atmosphere, no need to allocate space for storage until the next holiday. Disadvantages – live wood crumbles and costs more. And, of course, cutting down conifers harms nature, and for many this is a decisive argument.

Artificial Christmas tree is not harmful to the environment, in addition, it is advantageous in terms of economy – decorations are bought not just for one holiday, and for several years ahead. And with the right handling of such a tree can serve for a decade (and even more). In addition, synthetic needles will not fall off, which greatly simplifies the cleaning during the holidays and afterwards. Artificial spruce can be classic – a simple green one – or decorated: with cones, hoarfrost on the tips of needles, white or blue, with glowing branches.

The main disadvantage of such models is that after the New Year vacations they need somewhere to be stored. In large apartments there is no problem with this, but in small houses you will have to try hard to allocate enough space for a large accessory.


The shape and size of the tree are also important – both from a decorative and practical point of view. A live or artificial spruce can be:

  • Elongated – this is a classic silhouette in the shape of the letter A with wide and large lower branches and smaller upper branches. Such trees look very solemn, noble and at the same time neat. Depending on the size of the room and the height of the ceiling it can be a large two-meter spruce, and more compact, which will stand in a small living room or studio. 
  • Spread out – this is a more natural shape, which is characteristic of living conifers. The tree with wide spreading paws is usually asymmetrical, but this natural silhouette looks very atmospheric. This option is not suitable for tiny rooms, as it requires enough space – both for the spruce itself and around to create a beautiful composition.
  • Dwarf – and this is just a great solution for small-sized apartments. Now in stores they sell artificial mini-trees, and in nurseries they grow special dwarf breeds. Finally, an option for those who are ready to give up the traditional Christmas attribute is a miniature tree in a pot. There will be enough space for it: for example, on a dresser or a wide window sill.

How and what to decorate

Finally, let’s consider how to beautifully decorate the Christmas tree in the coming year of the Rabbit: what decor to use and how to compose a harmonious composition.

General rules

To ensure that the tree did not look too variegated and therefore clumsy, limit the main 2-3 colors and pick up all the ornaments in these shades. It is even better if they will combine with the general palette of the room. And lovers of visual minimalism can choose a monochrome palette: for example, take all the toys in white, gold or blue.

It is better to start decorating with large toys and balls. Hang them evenly, starting from the bottom paws (or, on the contrary, from the top, if it is important for you to observe feng shui).

Then add garland and smaller ornaments. They are usually hung at the top of the tree, so that the branches do not fall under the heavy toys. The top of the Christmas tree can be left free, complemented by a traditional star or bow.

If you do not like the usual tinsel and rain, replace them with more environmentally friendly alternatives: mini wreaths, dried fruit hanging on strings, paper stars, textile ribbons, etc.

Remember, it’s not just the result that matters, but also the process. It’s great if you turn decorating the Christmas tree into a family tradition and decorate it all together.


Before you decorate the Christmas tree for New Year 2023, choose a direction or theme so that the composition does not look disjointed.

For example, it can be eco-decor, English classics, Soviet retro, etc. Remember that Rabbit likes everything natural, so minimalism, Scandi and eco-style will be especially relevant.


Now there are dozens of kinds of Christmas tree decorations. You can use many different or stop at 1-2 types to get a more concise image.

So, the Christmas tree can be decorated:

  • Glass, plastic or paper balls.
  • Themed figures – in the form of animals and birds, angels, houses, geometric shapes, people.
  • Suspensions – snowflakes, stars, etc.
  • Bells – can be decorative or with ringing.
  • Edible decorations such as cookies, candies, oranges, nuts.

Toys are made of different materials, from paper and wood to glass. Choose the right one, but be aware of safety regulations: for example, if there are candles near the tree, it is better not to hang near paper or other easily flammable decorations.


LED lights add brightness and coziness to the tree and the entire composition, creating a festive atmosphere. Before you decorate the Christmas tree, untangle the product in advance, connect to a socket and check the serviceability of all bulbs. Also immediately decide on the style: you can choose the lighting in the spirit of retro, with a soft white light, in the Scandinavian style.

There are several schemes of hanging:

  • Horizontally, wrapping the garland around the trunk and spreading it on the branches.
  • Zigzag vertically or diagonally.
  • Spiral from top to bottom – handy when the tree is facing a window.

If you want more light, you can combine two garlands: for example, one with a white glow and the other with colored lights. To prevent them from getting tangled, wind them in a spiral in opposite directions: clockwise and counterclockwise respectively.

The base of the spruce

Many people forget about the base of the tree, but an unaesthetic stand can spoil the impression of the entire composition.

The bottom of the tree can be beaten with:

  • Plaid or a special cape.
  • Wicker basket.
  • Wooden box.
  • A small cart.
  • A beautiful metal bucket (the aged surface looks especially atmospheric).
  • Real or decorative gifts in beautiful packages.
Author: Ramon Powell