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How to choose an artificial Christmas tree: 5 tips

Despite the unique holiday atmosphere that a real pine tree creates on New Year’s Eve, often a synthetic alternative is much better. In this article we tell you why this is so, and give recommendations on how to choose and where to put an artificial Christmas tree.

Choosing an artificial Christmas tree in the apartment

The artificial tree has its own advantages and disadvantages.


  • There are no needles left on the floor, which greatly simplifies cleaning after the holidays.
  • This is not a one-time purchase – with proper handling, synthetic Christmas trees last for years, and you do not need to renew it every year.
  • You can choose any design – both simple, imitating a real Christmas tree, and with spectacular additional decorations.


  • Does not have a characteristic pine smell, which largely creates a festive atmosphere.
  • Most often made of plastic or PVC, so it may not suit the strict adherents of ecological design. However, high-quality models are absolutely safe and do not emit harmful compounds.
  • It is necessary to provide a place to store the wood, especially if it is not collapsible.
  • Important parameters

What is the best artificial Christmas tree by material

Artificial trees consist of a trunk and branches with synthetic needles. They are made of different materials.

The needles

The composition of the needles determines how the fir looks: whether it will mimic the natural one as much as possible or have luxurious fluffy paws. The needles can be:

  • From PVC – this is the most common and inexpensive option. Needles are made from polyvinyl chloride by cutting it into thin strips. They can be the same or different lengths – for realism. The needles are attached to the branches on a thin wire. The main disadvantage of needles from PVC – they are quite soft and strongly crumple.
  • From fishing line – a fairly durable material, the structure of the needles is similar to pine. Attached to the branches in the same way, on the wire. Such a spruce costs more, but it is more durable. In most cases, the artificial origin of the tree will be obvious.
  • Cast – made of polyethylene under strong pressure. Their main advantage is the maximum realism, and the main disadvantage is the high price compared to other types. In addition, Christmas trees made of cast needles last a long time – on average about 15 years.
  • Made of fiber optic – a certain category of Christmas trees is made of it. These are trees with luminous branches, which are very beautiful to look at and do not even require additional decoration with garlands.

Now in stores you can often find combined models, in which needles are mixed from PVC and film or from PVC and polyethylene. This allows you to reduce the price of the product, but due to the difference in texture, they look more realistic.


The trunk of the fake tree is made of metal, plastic or PVC.

Metal product in most cases will last longer, in addition, it is a good option for those who like to see only eco-friendly materials in the house. Due to its high strength, metal is most often used for tall and heavy spruces.

Trunks made of plastic and PVC are very similar in characteristics, so they can be conditionally combined into one category. Such models turn out to be light and flexible, and if handled carefully, they also last long enough. But it is important not to go overboard with decorations and garlands, especially heavy ones, so that the trunk does not crack.

The base

Another important criterion is the type and material of the base. The entire structure rests on it, and it is its strength that determines its stability.

The stand is usually made of metal or plastic. It can be on three or four legs. For a large heavy tree with spreading legs, be sure to choose the second option, because it is more stable. This way you are more likely to avoid warping and a possible fall. This is especially important if there are animals or inquisitive children in the house, who will surely want to see and touch beautiful toys or bright garlands.

Now you can choose models with different designs. Most often, it is an open cross-body stand or a decorative bucket that hides all the unaesthetic details from view. If you do not like the support in its original form, you can decorate it yourself.

Options for camouflaging the base:

  • Cover with burlap, plaid, or a beautiful rug.
  • Put a cloth on the stand and place real or decorative gifts on top.
  • Put the tree in a basket or wooden box.


Choosing which artificial Christmas tree is better to buy for the house, pay attention not only to the material from which it is made, but also to the overall size of the product.

Artificial trees can be divided into three groups:

  • Small – a height of up to 100 cm. This format is suitable for small studios or small rooms with an area of less than 10 square meters.
  • Medium – up to 250 cm in height, with a narrow or medium crown. Such trees would fit perfectly into a standard room of 15-20 squares.
  • Tall ones – from 250 cm to several meters in height. Three- or four-meter spruces will decorate a spacious living room in a private house or apartment with high ceilings. Models taller than 4 meters are most often chosen for public interiors: assembly halls or foyers.

Table-top models are also popular now. Usually they are made 30-70 cm high. They can decorate every room in the apartment, replacing one large or using mini-trees as an addition to the Christmas decor. Such a tree will look especially good on the dresser in the bedroom or hallway, and the compact product can also be placed on a window sill, coffee table or an open shelf.

In addition to the height, the diameter of the tree is important. Select the radius of the branches, taking into account how much space there is in the room. You can find a variety of models in stores: with sprawling branches, standard or elongated narrow with an A-silhouette.


The type of design affects how the artificial tree will be stored throughout the year. 

There are three options:

  • Folding – The spruce is assembled on the principle of an umbrella. All branches are fixed along the trunk and bend to it when the tree needs to be removed. The process itself is simple and fast, the only inconvenience – next year you need to spend time to straighten all the branches and return the crown to a beautiful appearance.
  • Collapsible – the branches are inserted into special holes in the trunk. Each of them can be taken out and completely disassemble the product. Also the trunk itself can consist of 2-3 parts. This is convenient for saving space: the Christmas tree can be compactly put in a box or trunk.
  • Solid – such a model is stored in its original form, so it takes quite a lot of space. Such a design is more convenient for compact products, including tabletop.
Christmas tree


Finally, it remains to choose the best design for an artificial Christmas tree. Here there are no specific rules: everyone is guided by their own tastes.

There are two approaches to the selection of a Christmas tree:

  • Imitation natural spruce – these are simple models with fluffy realistic needles of green color. For a greater effect, the branches are covered with brown paint to make them look like bark. Some manufacturers achieve the feeling of a real spruce due to the needles of different lengths, sprawling branches and partially asymmetric shape. 
  • Unusual design with extra chips – it could be needles with imitation of frost, built-in lighting, cones, the effect of freshly fallen snow, white or, for example, blue needles. 

Those who prefer the natural beauty, of course, more suited to the first option. For a greater sense of naturalness, such a tree can be decorated in the eco-style: paper garlands, stretches of dried fruit, wooden and glass balls, homemade toys.

Design with additional decorations makes it clear that the Christmas tree is artificial, but it looks very stylish and unusual. Especially atmospheric looks the imitation of frosted or snow-covered branches. In combination with garlands or soft candlelight, such a Christmas tree will create a unique festive mood.

Where to put it

About where you will put the fluffy beauty, it is worth thinking even before buying – because this will determine what parameters will suit you. 

You can place the tree:

  • In the living room – this is the place where the whole family gathers with guests, so it is ideal for a central holiday decoration. The spruce can be placed in the center of the room, if it is spacious, in a bay window or in a corner (for example, behind the couch, near a chair or dining group). It is desirable that it was opposite the entrance and immediately attracted attention. 
  • In a hallway or corridor – if the hallway is not too narrow, you can put a Christmas tree right there. So the New Year’s Eve mood will be created from the very threshold. If, however, there isn’t much space, you might want to look at compact floor-standing or tabletop models.
  • In the bedroom, in some apartments there is free space not in the front rooms, but on the contrary, in private rooms. This is also a good option: you can put a Christmas tree in front of the bed.
Author: Ramon Powell