Canopy over the bed: ideas and ways of placement

Bedroom – the most intimate place in the apartment, where everything disposes to complete relaxation, comfortable sleep and rest after work days. Canopy over the bed looks great in a variety of interiors, bringing them a romantic and refined atmosphere. In this article we will consider how to attach a canopy, as well as modern ideas for using the product in different styles of interiors.

Ways to place canopies over the bed

A canopy plays a role not only as a decorative decoration, it also protects the place to sleep from dust, pesky insects, unnecessary light and drafts. Under this canopy you can sleep a peaceful sleep even during daylight hours in direct sunlight. The canopy will also help to hide from prying eyes, which is especially important for owners of small loft-style studios, as well as one- and two-bedroom apartments, where the bed is in a common room for several people, rather than placed in a separate bedroom.

Before you implement the idea for a canopy, it is worth listening to the recommendations of designers look at examples of mechanisms, make a drawing of the project. You should also make a bill of materials of the project, a preliminary visualization in the form of collages, to be able to make changes before the work on the installation of the canopy.

To harmonize the canopy with the stylistics of the room, you need to select it taking into account the size of the room and the bed. There are several basic ways to place a canopy over a bed.

Frame canopy

The best attachment for large beds. The essence of the construction consists in even distribution of a fabric cloth on a frame fixed on 4 bedposts. The fabric completely covers the bed from all sides, which will be useful for rooms with several functional areas.

Materials for the racks are wood or metal. Choosing the right material, you should consider the design of the room and personal financial capabilities. Beautifully look designs with carved wood supports, as well as forged beds.

Ceiling canopy

Suitable for beds that do not have canopy supports. The frame is attached to the ceiling or built into the plasterboard ceiling construction. For beauty, concealed lighting can be placed there.

This design canopy visually adds an airy atmosphere to the room, as well as cope with its zoning, covering the sleeping area behind the fabric from prying eyes. Mounting the canopy to the ceiling is carried out with special hooks and fasteners.


Wall canopy

The frame in the form of an arc is placed on the wall at the side of the bed or at the headboard. Such a construction is often made in a room with a complex shaped ceiling in order to preserve its design.

The curtain can consist of a single piece of cloth or be in the form of decorative small curtains. The design gives the room an atmosphere of security, comfort and tranquility.

Frameless canopy

A modern method of arrangement of the sleeping space. One edge of the fabric is attached to the wall near the head of the bed, and the second is thrown over a special crossbar, which is mounted in the ceiling.

Also, this type of construction can be made in the form of two slats attached to the ceiling. The canopy in this case is thrown over the slats and hangs freely to the floor.

Such a design allows you to place a canopy in non-standard rooms, for example, in the attic. The canopy can be made in the form of steps, distributing the fabric at different heights.

Corona-shaped canopy

The frame with the fabric threaded on it has a circular shape and is placed in the center of the bed, which gives the construction a resemblance to a royal bed. This canopy looks unconventional and will appeal to lovers of fine things.

Fabric for a canopy

For quality and stylish canopies over beds most often use the following materials:

  • silk – helps to create a light and delicate look;
  • velvet – a dense and heavy fabric that goes well with the classic style;
  • organza – gives a light romanticism to your bedroom style;
  • tapestry fabric – looks originally, but can darken the bed, so use it in light interiors;
  • tulle – the most common textile for canopys; looks nice with effective flounces and folds;
  • linen – looks not pretentious and is suitable for modest interiors.

Choosing a canvas for a canopy, it is worth focusing on the wishes of the owner of the bedroom, as well as the style of interior design.

Using canopies in the design of bedrooms of different styles

Canopy over the place for sleep is considered a universal element that can be used for bedrooms of different styles:

  • Shebby-chic – represents a vintage and sophisticated design. Design dressers that match the style can be placed near the bed. Well in such an interior will fit a translucent canopy with careless waves.
  • Provence, also called French country. This style is characterized by pastel colors, light furniture and natural materials. In Provence, a combination of rustic and luxurious components, so it is great to use a canopy with an ornament of flowers.
  • Baroque. This style stands out among other styles by its pompousness, so it will be appropriate to have a royal bed decorated with an expensive luxury cloth.
  • Marine style. This style associates white and blue colors, as well as natural wood. The canopy over the bed should be light and light to emphasize the airiness and romanticism of the style.
  • Loft. The finish of this room uses an untreated surface, and the harmonious materials are metal and concrete. In this case, in this interior it is important to emphasize the spaciousness and light, which is helped by sconces in the loft style, placed in the room. The bed is appropriate to decorate with a transparent fabric, which is placed on black corner posts.
  • Classic. In such bedrooms are placed beds with beautiful headboards and elegant frames. The design of the canopy over the bed is domed, it does not completely cover the bed and performs more of a decorative role.
  • Scandinavian. These are interiors, which are characterized by minimalism with natural decor. The bed and the frame for the canopy are made of wood, and the fabric in pastel colors – from light and delicate materials.
  • Oriental. Assumes the use of bright colors in the design. Therefore, the curtain rails over the bed are translucent or made of dense fabric with colorful patterns. To make the design look as lush and expensive as possible a frame canopy with supports around the bed is used.

You can choose one of the described options to harmoniously beat the canopy over the bed, and you can come up with an independent design project.

Canopys for a child’s bed

In a child’s room, the canopy over the bed performs a decorative and protective function, the material of the canopy plays an important role in this case. If the fabric does not pass air, the child may be allergic, so it is not recommended to make canopys from synthetic fabrics. It is better to choose materials of natural origin: silk, tulle or organza.

It is also worth paying attention to the decor and colors. For newborns, it is better to choose products in muted light colors, which are good for the child’s psyche. It is better to refuse bright fabrics, because their excitatory effect can cause infant sleep disturbance.

For girls, yellow, golden, pink or lilac shades of a canopy are well suited. For boys it is appropriate to make canopies over the bed in blue, green, blue and yellow colors.

To equip a sleeping place with a beautiful canopy can be relevant for a small studio, as well as for three-room and five-room apartments over 100 m². By choosing a stylish and functional canopy, you can improve the interior and ensure a healthy sleep.

Author: Ramon Powell