Decorating the table

Decorating the table with flowers

Decorating the table with flowers is a great way to add some life to a room and make it look more cheerful. Flowers are also a great way to show your love for someone, or to celebrate a special occasion.

The meal has long been considered a sacred ritual, food has always been wrapped in a sacred halo, and so people in every way tried to decorate the table. The joint meal was the central episode not only of the guest reception ritual, but also of many other events and holidays, even the daily dinner with the family was an important event of the day. Table service is genetically perceived as something especially significant. Table decoration, choice of dishes, decorations has a long history, in different cultural traditions there are their own techniques and rules, but almost in all cultures, except for the cultures of the most northern peoples, flowers are used for serving.

Beauty on the table

The tradition of using flowers to set the table goes back to antiquity. As far back as ancient China and Egypt, there were flowers on the tables of the rulers to symbolize the divine grace that extended to the food and to the people who tasted it.

Over the millennia the ritual has become an unchanging rule, an etiquette requirement. Today, a beautifully set table with flowers evokes an inexplicable sense of solemnity and festivity.

The rules of etiquette recommend placing flowers on the table, in the style of the event and in accordance with other decorative items. Today, more and more often the table is decorated with artificial flowers. This is certainly more practical and beneficial. After all, such flowers do not wither, do not lose their attractiveness, do not emit a smell that can cause allergies and, even if the vase falls over, it will not hurt the guests and the serving.

Modern artificial ones are so close to the real originals in appearance that you can not even tell them from the natural ones. That is why more and more often you can see bouquets of flower copies on the tables, which are perceived as absolutely natural decorations.

Secrets and rules of table decoration

There are unwritten etiquette requirements to the table decoration for different occasions. Modern florists and interior designers actively fantasize and experiment with serving, including the most unexpected items in the decor.

General requirements to bouquets on the table are simple and logical:

  • Flowers should not prevent people from seeing each other and eating. Therefore the height of the bouquet should not exceed 30 cm. The number of flowers should not be excessive, so as not to distract guests from the main thing – food, usually the number of flowers does not exceed 9 pieces.
  • It is not necessary to use a color with a strong smell. So as not to cause discomfort and allergies.
  • The bouquet should be in harmony with the overall decoration of the table in color and style.

In addition to general principles, there are subtleties in the creation of floral design for different situations.

Wedding table

For the wedding table usually use complex compositions of flowers. There is a tradition to place the main bouquet, the most magnificent one, near the newlyweds, the rest of the table can be decorated with small bouquets. There are no uniform laws in the wedding table setting, but the floral arrangements should necessarily fit the overall concept of decorating the celebration.

Instead of lush bouquets, you can use small compositions on a napkin ring or put miniature bouquets near each guest, garlands of greenery and flowers look beautiful. Most often white and pink flowers are chosen for weddings, but today, when “colored” weddings are in fashion, the bouquet can be sustained in the general gamut of the holiday.

Romantic Dinner

A special atmosphere of romance for an intimate date will create a composition of flowers and candles, spectacular flowers and lit candles floating in a wide vase. Dinner for two can also be decorated with a large bouquet, which should be set so that it hides the lovers from prying eyes.

The floral arrangement can be placed on a cake plate, on a napkin or in small vases near the instruments. Exotic flowers, modest copies of wildflowers or delicate bouquets of roses, which always symbolize love, can be selected for decoration.

Decorating the table

A big feast

The table for the anniversary or corporate holiday is usually decorated with small flower compositions that are placed in the center of the table along its entire length, or large bouquets set at the head of the table. Small bouquets near each place setting will create a wonderful mood for the guests.

In this case, the decoration with artificial flowers is the most convenient, because in the midst of celebration nobody will spill water, knocking over the bouquet. Most often, official and crowded celebrations are decorated with bouquets of roses, carnations and chrysanthemums.

Business negotiations

Laconic table setting for a business lunch or dinner must include a floral arrangement, because the color gives the meal solemnity, emphasize the significance of the event.

Flowers always accompany a person in the most significant moments of life, so the laying with the use of bouquets will probably never lose its relevance, but new technologies allow making the decor more ecological and practical.

Author: Ramon Powell